Hi! My name is Ms. Finnigan.

Welcome to the "Let's Read The Iliad!" pilot program. As you may already know, I've been teaching The Iliad to high school students for ten years. I can't wait to go on this reading adventure with you!

Here's just a little bit about me: I live in the mountains of Colorado. In the winter, it's pretty cold and windy! I love to read, write, and of course, teach. In the summer, I love hiking, taking road trips, and riding my bike. I have three godsons, and one niece whom I love to spoil. I also enjoy podcasting, because it gives me an opportunity to have conversations with lots of interesting people I might not otherwise have a chance to talk to.

If you'd like, you can introduce yourself in the comments below.

  • Please only use first names.
  • If you want to tell me where you live, you can mention country or state, but you do not have to tell me the city.
  • Remember that other students will be able to see your comments, so do not include any highly personal information like where you go to school.
  • These comments will be approved by me before they are made visible.

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