Recommended for Homeschoolers age 16 and up

Why not investigate some of Dr. Sungenis's claims? High school students age 16 and up can take the live, 10-week long class "Exploring Geocentrism" with Dr. Sungneis while taking the self-paced "How to Write a Research Paper" class with Ms. Finnigan.

Students will be encouraged to pick a topic that they are learning about in the class, something that piques their interest, and conduct further research on it, with the goal of creating an artifact of learning in the form of a Research Paper.

Students will have access to Ms. Finnigan's weekly online office hours where they can get extra help with the paper, and (if there are enough high school students signed up and if there is enough interest) will be able to share, present, and discuss their findings with each other in a live online Symposium on March 19!

Purchase today to reserve your seat! Courses will become available the week of January 8, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start "How to Write a Research Paper" before Jan. 8?

Ms. Finnigan will likely need until Jan. 8 to finish building the course, but if it becomes available sooner, she can let you know!

Do I have to write about geocentrism?

It is recommended that you use the class as a springboard for your paper topic; however, if you decide to write about something else, that is okay with Ms. Finnigan if it is okay with your parents!

What are the age requirements?

Dr. Sugenis's live class is open to adult learners and high school students age 16 and up. Ms. Finnigan's Office Hours and the Symposium are only open to high school students (and their parents).

Do I have to present at the Symposium? (I'm shy!)

Formal presentations are welcome! We can also informally share our findings and/or engage in casual discussion. Ms. Finnigan will contact you beforehand and will moderate the Symposium. We'll just see what people are up for!

Will Ms. Finnigan be grading our work?

The self-paced class may include some short, automated quizzes. It will not include online grading. As a special bonus for purchasing this bundle, Ms. Finnigan would be happy to read your final paper and give you some feedback on it. For more regular grading, check out her Writing Coaching and Paper Check-Up services (below).

Other questions?

Email Ms. Finnigan at contact at teachtothetext dot com