No, we won't actually be going into the winter wilderness! But in 10-Days, with 20-40 minutes of work per day, Ms. Finnigan can help your student take his or her high school essays to new heights. This bundle includes:

  • The 5-Day Essay ($75 value)
  • 6 Steps to Textual Support ($75 value)
  • Personalized coaching from Ms. Finnigan along the way (except on holidays)

Starting at basecamp with The 5-Day Essay, a video-based course, your student will review (or learn) the fundamentals of argumentative writing in 5 days.

Then, warmed up, they'll set off up the mountain, building on those fundamentals with 6 Steps to Textual Support, another video-based, self-paced course that will teach them how to elegantly and effectively incorporate quotes into an essay. This course also includes an introduction to the conventions of academic writing.

Ms. Finnigan has been using these video-based, self-paced courses with her students for years -- with great success! These writing techniques help students to conduct better analysis, show keener insight, and exercise more critical thinking in their essays.

As part of this winter special, students will be allowed to submit 10 assignments to Ms. Finnigan for immediate correction, guidance, and personalized feedback, to make sure they're "getting it."

The student can go at their own pace and submit the assignments at any time. Ms. Finnigan will respond within 24 hours, Mon-Fri (except holidays). The two courses must be completed and the 10 assignments turned in within 30 days of purchase. 

In a short time, your student can level up their writing to alpine heights!

For students age 14-18.

Great for college prep!

Hi, that's me, Ms. Finnigan

When I'm not running around with my nephew in the snow, I love to teach writing. This is a quick bootcamp that can easily be done over Winter Break between cups of hot chocolate and snowball fights!

For ten years I taught high school literature and composition at a classical school. I did not have time in my literature classes to teach students how to write. So I created an early version of these courses.

They are concise, quick, to-the-point. "The 5 Day Essay" works as an introduction to essay writing, or as a very important review of the fundamentals. Almost all high school students can benefit from one or the other. "6 Steps to Textual Support" teaches very specific techniques that aid critical thinking and analysis.

They are effective. My colleagues told me that they could easily identify which students had been through my literature classes because they were the best writers. One administrator told me that I was the best writing instructor their school had ever had! I loved setting up my students for success in high school and beyond. I'd love to do the same for yours!

Now, time to go make a snow angel...

Purchase by December 31st!

Frequently Asked Questions

My bundle includes coaching. How do I schedule that?

There will be an assignment in each lesson with instructions on how to submit work to Ms. Finnigan, your personal writing coach for these courses.